The Frustrating Fours

I love my boys, but some times they just drive me crazy.

Today's goal was simple: to have fun.  What better goal can you have, right?  Well for the most part we did indeed have LOT's of fun  There was a slow morning with snacks, playing, painting, and even a little TV.  Then a hot dog lunch at a high school tailgate, and a birthday party with pizza and cake.  Today oozed with fun!

Tonight Liem refused to eat his dinner -- typical these days -- and threw an absolute fit at bedtime when he didn't get his way. Ugh!  After a day like today, you'd think you'd get an angel at bedtime...

He is an incredibly talented and smart kid with a very bright future ahead of him.  He thirsts for knowledge and loves to be read to.  He is a sponge.  But he is also very stubborn and, well..., a four year old.  There are cliche stories of two year olds, and even three year olds, but this year can now officially be deemed, "The Frustrating Fours." 

These endless stalemates and ill behaviors are enough to drive anyone crazy.  I can't help but love him and hopelessly cater and spoil him.  But on the other hand I am continually the hard edged sergeant and disciplinarian.  As young parents, we're still trying to figure this out.  I can only hope that he ends up loving me as much as I love him.

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