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Three Educational Pillars

Lifelong learning is a given not a goal, each voice adds to the rhythm of a community, and you cannot underestimate the potential of every moment. Lifelong learners Having grown up in independent schools, I have an insatiable thirst to learn. The penchant to question the world around me was bestowed early on and reinforced in my home. My father was a professional student spending his life in education as either a student, professor, or administrator. My mother is a career clinician turned attorney, and entrepreneur. My grandparents were Southern Baptist Ministers and import/export merchants. I come from a lineage of learners, servant leaders, survivors, and innovators.  It is this thirst for knowledge and critical lens on the world that was at the heart of my upbringing and essential to today’s students and learners young and old. Everyday it seems I draw upon my own childhood experiences to guide my connections and relationships with students. The empowerment I received inspires me to

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