Camping with the Boys: Part 1, Planning

This is a big birthday year for me... and I'm not taking it well. I've begun to lose my hair, I've lost a step in my running, and my knees creak and grind, especially on cold days. I'm not old and don't really feel like I am, but it's the first year I'm really noticing that I can't do what I used to.

This is also Annie's 20th high school reunion and since it's an all girls school, they are planning a women's only get-away - no spouses. As luck would have it, it's being held on my birthday weekend. It's also the weekend where the school I work for slots in a school holiday in memoriam of a faculty member who thought that we should have a break in between holidays. This year, it falls on my birthday, so a three day weekend to boot.

So what to do? Annie's off to Vegas and it's just me and the boys. It hit me a week or so ago. I'll take the boys camping for a couple of days! Both of them love to hike, we've done here by our house at Eaton Canyon and have done several in Palm Springs and Lake Arrowhead. At this point, I'm planning on Joshua Tree and have already contacted the parks people to find out which is the best camp ground.

As I sit here, I'm making lists and jotting down ideas, and trying to make sure this is a great first experience for them. I have to say that out of all of the preconceived ideas of how to celebrate one's 40th birthday, this is probably the last thing I would have thought of. But it's also something I'm beginning to really look forward to.

Camping with a 6 year old and a 3 year old is no piece of cake and being an ex-scout, and a bit OCD, it's in my nature to plan. So I'm asking LOTS of questions, and doing a ton of research. Comment with advice if you'd like. Look out wilderness, here we come!

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