Paper Fallen

In honor of 9/11, I have written a poem reflecting on a memo that fell into the backyard of the house we were living at in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
photo credit: Minh Pham

Paper Fallen
by John Yen, September 11, 2019

A bird flutters across a branch
Leaves fall in its wake
Joining others who have already fallen
To their destiny wake

Stepping out the door
Each step feeling
The crackle of fallen leaves
Left there reeling

Looking up to the empty branches
Obscured by the blinding glare of the sun
Searching for the silhouette
That had known become

I know not where I come from
I lay here fallen
My words obscured and tattered
By the tragedy befallen

I cannot speak my truth
As I lay here among the leaves
I am but a remnant
Of the day that will not leave.

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