I Remember

I remember the beautiful weather we were having
I remember saying good bye to my wife as she headed out to work
I remember not really comprehending what I was seeing on television
I remember running outside craning my neck down Flatbush Avenue
I remember being on the phone with my family in Los Angeles as the second plane hit
I remember trying to call my wife on her cell phone, many, many times
I remember feeling helpless

I remember watching on television what was happening three miles from my front door
I remember finally hearing from my wife via email, no phones, email
I remember her telling me she's going down to wait for the injured
I remember waiting

I remember that smell in the air
I remember the papers that fell from the sky in our backyard
I remember the parade of people as they walked over the Brooklyn Bridge and down Flatbush Avenue
I remember their faces

I remember my wife telling me that no one is coming
I remember thinking how lucky she was on her train commute in the tunnels under the area
I remember the smoke and ashes that fell from the sky
I remember my friend going down to help
I remember not being able to bring myself to do the same
I remember being scared

I remember holding my wife very tightly when she finally got home
I remember thinking I will never forget today

I remember

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