Happy Birthday Hudson

Dear Hudson,

As I think about the last two years, the words strong, persevering, determined, witty, bright, creative, fun, and loving come to mind.

My nickname for you is "boba" because when you were born, you reminded me of those little tapioca balls in asian tea drinks. Round and delicious. It's a term of endearment which still applies today. Your name, Hudson, is from the river in NY adjacent to a city your parents love and where we wish to take you some day. The river is known for its power, beauty, history, art and majesty. Fitting for a son who seems to be growing up in much the same spirit.

Early on, we almost lost you. You were very sick and your mother saved your life as we rushed you to the hospital. Then, the amazing people at the hospital continued to save your life for the next week. Through it all, you never really complained, and you held strong and fought your illness. I was impressed then, and I am impressed now, with how you hold yourself up amidst any obstacle that gets in your way.

You are loved by your older brother, Liem, more than he can express. But when asked what he wanted to share with his class about his life, he chose you above any toy, book, or collection. It was you. His partner in crime, his adversary in a game of swords, his brother. Speaking of which you live on the corner of two streets, one named Hermanos, brothers in Spanish. Fitting, don't you think.

Your laugh is absolutely contagious and addicting. It's a belly laugh that begs for tickles. And in fact you do beg for tickles! Your mother and I are so grateful you came along and you bring a smile to everyone you meet.

From the bottom of my heart and the core of my soul, I love you. Happy birthday.

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