Northern California or the South Pacific?

Northern California or the South Pacific? After planning a road trip up to San Francisco and gearing ourselves up for a more or less urban adventure up north, my brother called me last week to see how set we were for our trip. The only reservation we had was a great deal on the Fairmont Heritage Place in Ghirardelli Square. "How would you like to go to Kauai?" he asked.

Given the fact that we generally do not have the means to travel to the islands because of the combination of airfare and hotel, this seemed like a question he usually knows the answer to. Being the great big brother that he is, he was offering to use his points to get us a room for free for a week at the Point at Poipu Diamond Resort. All we had to do is book airfare.

It was a psychological leap of expectations to switch gears, but after Annie and I debated the options, ran the numbers, it was clear that in the end, the boys would have a much better time playing on a tropical island for a week than sitting in our car for hours on end, looking for parking in San Francisco. The city where so many hearts were left will invariably always be there. But an opportunity to travel to Kauai and stay for free doesn't come by often. Aloha!

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