Vintage Yens

My mom dropped off three huge boxes of photos from our early days last year. I finally got around to parsing through some of them. Among the volumes of photos, I found some keepers here. One from 50 years ago of my mom and dad and others from when I was younger. Great stuff.

(what a hot couple!)

Here I am at the shores in Bellingham, WA, where we lived very briefly. The story goes that my father got a job at the university and my mother could not stand the cold and wet weather. Funny, it's the very weather I tend to gravitate to to this day. Amazing how six months can influence one's lifelong tendencies. I still love Washington and it is one place I would like to live someday.


Looking at this one you have to wonder if Hudson or Liem looks more like me.... (taken in our dining room in San Marino)

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