How Far We HAVEN'T Come

Waking up this morning to the morning news feeds, I was disgusted and amazed to find a now infamous photo of the Spanish basketball team posing for an advertisement slanting their eyes.

This supposed ad intended to be funny, is a complete mockery of all asians and is a shocking display of ignorance.  In a time where we are supposedly sensitive to all races and religions and global awareness is on the rise, it is clear that we still have quite a long way to go.

When I was in elementary school I was mocked and teased for my "flat nose" and "slanty eyes."  But that was 30 years ago!  I was further disgusted to take an online poll at MSNBC/Fox Sports asking whether the Spanish ad was offensive.  The results after 20,000 or so respondents had only 35% finding it offensive, and 65% finding it not.   

I am saddened by this story.

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