Cultural Perspectives

I am blessed to have lived the life I've had.  It was particularly interesting for me to come back to work for the school where I essentially grew up and laid the foundations of my character.  Coming back during this time is special.  The school is undergoing massive changes physically and is currently in a sort of renaissance when it comes to technology and education methods.

A lot of credit has to go to our head of school and her pursuit of inner excellence and outward collegiality in a community of privileged educators and students alike.  Part of her annual charge to the faculty and staff is share in a summer reading.  This builds community and literally helps us all "get on the same page."

This year we had our choices of books that went to service a goal of understanding another cultural perspective.

As Richard W. and I discussed the topics via chat one night, I realized that my experience at the school growing up as a minority in an otherwise white affluent community was plenty material to write my assignment.  I had originally chosen The Namesake, a book about Indian immigrants in the US and how they cope with assimilation and ethnic identities.   I will read it, but my goal is to actually describe what it was like in the 70's at our school and the social-economic dynamics that molded me into who I am today.

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