Let's Ride!

With gas prices up near $5/gallon, the looming prospect of hugely reduced parking at the school where I work, and as my love hate relationship with my car grows, I decided a while ago to find a way to shuffle, or carpool, two kids without using a car.

Liem is 4 years old and Hudson is 9 months old.  I used to take Liem in a seat mounted on the back of my bike, but considering two, much less an infant, seemed impossible.  But as I did my research, I discovered that there are bike trailers which allow for two kids to be safely strapped in.  

These trailers range wildly in price from $100 - $500.  Rather than commit to a huge expense towards something that might not pan out, I decided on a fairly affordable model by Schwinn sold at Target.  My brother warned me that the last time he did the same thing years back, his trailer tore at the seams.  

The weekend I got the trailer, I took my sons and his cousins for rides around the neighborhood.  It was a lot of fun and seemed very manageable.  Today, I decided to take the plunge and really test this idea out.  I have to say the ride is very easy and Liem had a blast.  We'll see at pickup how it is and how Hudson likes it. More to come...

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